Monday 19 September 2011

One Page Class Powers: Priest

We're on to the class powers: the big four, then dwarves and elves on one page, and a one-page consolation gnome class (he'll be a little thin so I might pad it out with a table of magical screwiness). This one I'm presenting first because it's the least original, and I mean that as an homage to Talysman's no-spells cleric idea, which I discussed and modified previously here.

I'm only detailing levels 1-5, but at level 7 you get cure poison, and level 9 you get raise dead, with suitable limits. Turning is smoothed out from how it usually appears: you can't blast skeletons into dust, but you can make orcs sweat a little from the back rank.


  1. Very cool. Maybe I missed this in an earlier post; what's the difference between losing hit points and an injury? How is Restore Hit Points going to be different from Healing Miracles (Heal Injury, Heal Major Injury, and Heal Critical Injuries).

    Table of magical screwiness...if you're implying that gnomes are capable of causing arcane weirdness that mess with stuff, then I'm intrigued.

  2. Thanks Nate, probably should have linked here for explanation.

  3. I really like that abjuration effect.