Friday 1 August 2014

GenCon Run: A Mule Called Golgotha

All right. I have taken the step of registering my 52 Pages Old School Basic/3E hybrid game run with GenCon. It will be August 15 (Friday) 10AM-2PM in Embassy Suites, Chancellor 1. If you are already logged into Gencon events manager the link is this un. I want to see some of my blog readers in the crazy mix! Here is the splash page for my GM screen.
The scenario is a delve into Castle of the Mad Archmage's Crypt level with 5th level pre-gens using the 52 Pages system (see downloads, right). The mule is what you will be using to transport the bodies of the blameless dead back to the surface, but the dungeon might have other plans.

I hope I can get some of you fellow bloggers, readers and commenters out of the woodwork for this one!


  1. Curses! I really want to play in this but I already have tickets for a few events during that time slot and the GenCon site won't let you double-book yourself.

  2. Email me rogersebastian at gmail - I have plans for a private midnight run of the scenario Friday night if you are willing to stay up til the wee hours.

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  4. We also have tickets that conflict: the Battle of Hoth mini's game. I'm going to try and swap them out for Golgotha at Customer Service on Wednesday. I realily like 52p and am looking forward to playing it.

    1. And if you can't swing it you are also invited to midnight madness.