Saturday, 28 April 2018

One Page Dungeon 2018: Beneath the Nameless Towers of the Kremlin

This year I thought I would do something gonzo and topical about all the rumors, disinformation, and horrible truths surrounding the Russia of the Czars, the Soviets, and Putin. There is a wealth of material, some of it verified, some of it shadowy, some of it obvious bullshit, and some of it (like Mushroom Lenin) a purposeful hoax. Any adventurers from any world using time or dimensional travel might find themselves summoned to the mad science labs under Moscow, embroiled in a Kremlinological intrigue.

Linked pdf version with sources for all the history and mythology.


  1. One you might have missed, Realities-wise - (though granted, it's been out of print for a while; never even got read it myself).

    All it needs is a modern US political/intelligence community figure to act as a Putin-equivalent....

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