Friday, 3 February 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #34: Salt Flat, Reaching Ridge, and Four Possible Clues

Two hexes northwest and one southwest of Alakran.


The system I use fills a five-mile hex with the same terrain, but the one-mile subhex scale allows for some elaboration in the name of realism. For example, this hex was designated a salt flat like # **, but I made it half a salt flat and "reached" a mile-wide ridge of low hills down from the similiar area to the north.

Also, in my encounter system, it's possible to roll a "clue" - some kind of mark, scent, or sound left bya nearby creature. Here are four clues for creatures that dwell within ten miles - if a GM likes, they can secretly designate this hex a "clue hex" where people passing through will randomly find one of these (except if an already found clue is rolled again).

1. Rocks and pebbles, all of a reddish hue, have been arranged on the flat plain to make eight stick figures in a line holding hands, the ones on the end brandishing spears. (Hex #18).

2. The bones of a pigeon, gnawed with violence, scattered on the ground and befouled with horrendous-smelling white nitre. (Hex #57)

3. The familiar split-toed footprints of a camel, appearing out of nowhere, running for five strides, and just as abruptly disappearing. The ground is flat and dry, so it is unlikely wind or sand blew the rest of the prints away. (Hex #36)

4. A weathered and pitted brass plate about the size of a man's foot, shaped like a leaf, slightly curving from side to side, one end seemingly broken off. It could be a piece of armpr, but experts on that topic will pronounce the design of the suit very odd indeed. (Hex #86).

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