Sunday, 15 July 2012


Once I stopped trying to fit the different monsters of the "Evil" category into terrain types, doing the encounter table became a lot easier. Roll d4 to find the row, or d6 if with a water feature, where 5 or 6 means you look up the appropriate water row.

Again, this is one of six categories that's placed into a higher-level encounter table at different frequencies depending on the nature of the area. Here are a couple of rows of the higher-order table to illustrate. 3 and 18 are special encounters, detailed elsewhere.

And, the new silhouettes, together with an update of the download file on the right.

I can hardly believe that I've done 5 out of 6 of these, although there is still some clean-up work to do on the whole project ... for example, special Natural and Savage tables for arctic and tropical regions, plus the full table system, explanations, notes on some of the civilized encounters and possibly silhouettes rather than the generic "settlement" symbol for those.


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  2. Wow, your old-school hack is like my favorite edition! Any thoughts to going a kickstarter route to release it?
    I'd definately drop a hundred towards it if it had separate soft-bound books for the DM and players at 128 pages total and if it covered levels 1-10!

  3. Thanks (I guess you're referring to my 52 Pages project) but right now I can't really envision the free time it would take to really commit to something like that on KS.

    I also have this kind of personal attitude about keeping my RPG stuff strictly amateur, having already had one experience where I burned out on a hobby through doing paid work for it ....