Monday 20 January 2014

13 Fun Facts about the Current Mad Archmage Campaign

1. Dwarf named Joy who started with a muleteer background, a mule represented by a warthog miniature who may or may not be a conventional mule, and a mule handler hireling called Little Pig Man.
Represented thusly.
2. Sociopathic gnome Titus Widowmaker who also got himself a mule, then a trained monkey, who died under a falling rock from a botched Find Familiar spell that Titus will continue to cast until he gets it right (0-3 so far). Quirk: Making Vietnam-style jewelry out of  body parts of fallen foes.
3. Wizard Richard Nixington, an expert at law, who fumbled his own Find Familiar spell and now has a hawk familiar made of stone;  useful for one-way communication during split-the-party situations.
4. Second level night elf with no name, sent by the Thieves' Guild to replace Jacob, dilettante son of the Guildmaster. Voice raspy and face marked up from fumble dodging stirge who plunged its beak down his throat, repeated fumbles from self trying to stab and pull stirge off (3 1's in a row). Should be dead were it not for his good luck (low damage rolls from all this misfortune.)
5. Grimnir, prophet of Ygg. Motivated by a thirst for hidden knowledge. Not the healing kind.
6. Rathgar, fighter. Tough and ugly customer with a facial scar. Means business.
7. Death toll: 3 hirelings, 1 PC. Remaining hireling, Richard's bodyguard Grubb, has a nervous look.
8. Little Pig Man is unperturbed, apparently a force of nature. MVP in the adventure of the Three Sad Wizards, he singlehandedly roused the party from the aranea's magical sleep, and bumped into her later with the lantern while she was invisibly hiding.
9. Forming murderous intentions against rival group the Five Fingers of Fazio, also involved in exploring the dungeons of the Castle of the Mad Archmage. Third rival group of angry peasants, the Jacquerie, has disappeared without trace. Tavern hangers-on and onlookers have already dubbed the PC group "The Muleteers" after PCs themselves tried out a variety of more flattering titles without any great enthusiasm.
10. Recently concluded the first-level Kobold Wars fighting on the side of the Am'rash tribe who defeated and enslaved the rival Yurog. Kobolds seem happy to overpay for reliable water supplies from the party after the huge reservoir under their well became tainted by a falling corpse while battling their furious escaped descented troglodyte. Kobolds don't know that the party secretly aided the troglodyte and that Jacob cut the corpse in two before it fell down the well.
11. Most recently, descended a mysterious spiral stair to the second level, where they encountered a variety of traps and strange phenomena proceeding variously from Mr.Bloch's imagination, Dungeon Dozen tables and frenzied improvisation. They won through to a secret empty treasure room but found the false bottom on one of the treasure chests,and retrieved some strength-giving gloves and sweet-smelling incense.
12. Going up the spiral stair, they find a ceiling of water through which daylight shines. Nixington took the plunge and emerged in a castle garden pool, where a court wizard and noble lady were conversing. He politely declined their invitation to a feast at midnight.
13. On getting back to the tavern, find wizard law enforcement officer and carnivorous ape bailiff charging the party with stealing potions from the insect wizard's house they had been hired to clear of rebellious arthropods. Charges that are entirely and demonstrably true. It's Nixington's toughest case!

In conclusion: Respect the mule.