Sunday 12 January 2014

52 Baroque Monster Abilities

In the aftermath of my cooled-down, ISOTYPE-inspired 52 Pages modular rules project, the inevitable backswing is for numerous,complicated, weird ideas to squat in its vacant form. Text, tiny. Graphics, irrelevant and obfuscatory. Ideas, idiosyncratic, not synthetic.

I generated a random number and got 41. I got to work on the topic of the 52 Pages page number 41 - monster basics - and eventually produced this table for anything but basic monsters. Roll d%, halve and round up, if you don't like an idea use the surefire 51 or 52. Click to enlarge, natch.

The form of the monster is secondary. Let your obsessions and phobias determine it.


  1. Very nice. Some that really jump out to me are 24, 52, and 46. I swear I was just thinking about a monster that turns itself inside out but wasn't sure what that would do for it, I like yours. Thanks.

  2. I'll definitely use 41 and 45 if I don't forget about them. 21 could also be really nice.