Sunday 29 January 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #29: Statues in the Sand

 Three hexes south of Alakran.


More of Kallatu's unfortunate male statues (hex #14) arrayed as trophies, as warnings, but the dunes have drifted around each of the statues. Specifically, each statue is d10 feet deep in sand, which may conceal it entirely. Although the sand has eroded them more plentifully than the hilltop statues, long entombment in a deep drift can protect over long years, so there is no net difference.

Perhaps these men can be restored as statues before they are turned back to flesh - never mind if that goal is a good idea? No mundane sculptor or plasterer would do. That would just end up as botched plastic surgery. The magic of stone shape would do it, for sure. Perhaps centuries as a stone statue has made them raving, or bitter, or violent. Perhaps the experience has instead leached those qualities away from them, left them stoic and cold, reflecting on their former existence as a comet looks back on a receding sun.

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