Friday, 27 January 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #27: Tomb of Belu

 Two hexes southeast, one south of Alakran.


Another damnation tomb carved in the eastern slope of the Scarp. The name of its inmate has been stricken from history. The door itself is sealed, and two benevolent spirits placed inside statues of bald-headed priests watch over it. Well, watched. One's head is missing, the priest who watched the tomb under the waning and new moon.

This lapse of security gives the tomb's inhabitant, a 3000 year old vampire called Belu, a window of opportunity to ooze through the cracks of the door in gaseous form, then fly to the nearest place where people gather and revel at night. Since the collapse of civilization in Dulsharna this has been more difficult, and Belu is forced to haunt the beer-tents of Gesshed far to the west, having only a few hours around midnight before he must return. His immortality ceases if he fails to spend the night in his tomb, and he has resisted the temptation to feed on human blood for a whole century, but surely all good things must come to an end...

The statue's head can be found elsewhere (for example, in this module, which makes an appearance in the campaign); it floats in the air, seeking sunlight if underground, them rising to 1000 feet when under the sky and making its way to reunite with its body. Once it sits in place, Belu will be trapped inside or outside the tomb depending on the time of month and day.

Frescoes inside the tomb tell of Belu's condemnation for his blood drinking ways, but it is clear the law of that epoch knew nothing of how to dispose of an actual vampire. The statue of the new and waxing moon may allow a band of persuasive vampire hunters to enter the tomb if they explain their mission. Inside, will be found an amazing hoard of purloined trinkets and treasures from the last four epochs, worth over 30,000 gp, but hidden and trapped with all the ingenuity that Belu could muster over those long years.

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