Tuesday 31 January 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #31: Lizard Lake

 Two hexes southwest, one south of Alakran.

Just before the dunelands on the dry plain sits a small lake, brackish in summer and drinkable at other times. Other animals may approach it, but the jealous landlords of this water supply are a population of giant lizards. Like the Australian thorny devil (really, this world mixes creatures from the deserts of all continents), these lizards have a terrifying spined and horned appearance. 

This, but 9 feet long nose to tail.

They cope with the saline lake by soaking in the water through their skins, which filter out the noxious sodium. In times of extreme drought they can "drink" in this manner from dew or deep damp sands. In the lizards' animal wisdom they do not camp on the lake, but allow prey to approach and drink, and then hunt them over the plains on the way back.

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