Wednesday 13 April 2011

A Gygaxian Summoning

Gary Gygax
Hello, visitor! If you're interested in the legacy of Gary Gygax, the game he helped create, and what do-it-yourself hobbyists are creating from his vision even to this day ...

Please do check out some of the fine posts, other blogs, and resources over to the right.

Explanation for my fellow blogerati:

Google keeps directing people who search for pictures of B. F. Skinner to one of my previous posts. In fact, it's the number two result on Image Search, and all those people looking for hot behaviorist beefcake have pushed that post to number four in all-time pageviews on RRR. Today alone Google sent me three views for Skinner, and one, inevitably, for "hot elf."

Could it have something to do with my picture of B.F. Skinner having the caption "B. F. Skinner?" Is this a broken Google/Blogspot combo? The above post is a test. Let's see how it works out.

If it works ... well, when I start my social science blog, it's going to be unstoppable ;)

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