Thursday 28 April 2011

Dice Icons, d2 to d100

To welcome my 100th follower and honor the 99 before, here's a quick idea that relates to the number 100: dice icons from d2 to d100.

They're based either on the die face or the die silhouette; d2 represents a coin and d100 is "percentile dice".

And one of their purposes is to lend a more low-key, black-and-white design to the modified hexmap I showed last time:

For example, 2d6 centaurs per patrol; no icon = 1.
Definitely taking on a more wargamey feel.


  1. How about a Half-Cube cut on the diagonal as d3? :D

    They are really nifty. :D

  2. Yea, I like this alot better than the previous layout. I just reel at the thought of coming up with so many silhouettes for the various monster possibilities.

    Thanks for sharing the further development on this,

  3. The D2 icon looks more like a D3 to me, to be honest.

  4. These are similar to the ones I was using, except for the d10. I think it's just a tad too close to the d8. I went with a pentagon for the d10 (5*2) hexagon for the d12 (6*2) and circle for the d20. The d10 silhouette is "right"... I just thought it was too similar to the d8. :-P

  5. @Timeshadows: A right triangle? That could work ...
    @Bluskreem: I've never seen that kind of d3; more familiar with the crazy curvy topological one.
    @Stuart: So you went for the mathematical more than the visual representation ... what did you use those icons for?

  6. I was tinkering with a Dice Step System last winter and had written some draft rules using those icons.

    The Weird West RPG (hopefully available next week!) doesn't use Dice Step and those icons though.