Saturday 3 June 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #154: Encounters in the Hills of Hama

 Eight hexes north, four northeast of Alakran.

We are at the edge of the known world, in places where my encounter method might very well give an encounter's origin hex as lying off-map. For such border zones it is only fair to supply a chance of encounters and a table to determine them. The following table applies to all encounter origin hexes marked X, and any hexes beyond them, on the map below.


d12 (day only except *):

1. d8 villagers, each with a laden donkey,  going to trade produce in the next village.

2. Village patrol of 2d8 commoners with cudgels led by a level 3 fighter, looking for an escaped thief

3. 3d10 refigees with belongings and lovestck, fleeing the tyranny of the Dragon Queen in the central valley.

4*. Roving cult of human but quite insane Blood Drinkers for Gorgo, 8 level 2 berserkers in bronze helmets and shirts led by a level 4 berserker / level 3 warlock.

5. Herd of 3d12 gazelles.

6*. Sinister masked merchants of the south: d4 merchant leaders, treated as Leng folk (in this order: rogue-6, monk-5, bard-7, warlock-8), 2d6 brainwashed bronze-armored soldiers, rabble of d12 humanoids evenly divided between goblins, gnolls, Khilan lizardfolk; 50% chance of normal goods, 50% chance of 2d6 human slaves)

7-8: tracks or abandoned campsite of one of the above, d6 (only if party is traveling)

9-12: no encounter.

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