Friday 9 June 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #160: A Petty Tyrant of the Up-country

 Thirteen hexes north, one northwest of Alakran.


We pause from tales of justice to tell of wrongs not yet righted.

Far from the authority of the Governor lies the vale and the village of Gazgalpaduna, population 300, which lives off its goats, millet and emmer. The headman, the wise woman, are powerless to resist the bullying of Walwanu, a youngish man who left off herding goats when he found a way to curse people, killing them in their sleep. 

He enforces a reign of terror and silence in the town, and has drawn the five worst people in the region to his side. They have spread the pernicious rumor that Walwanu knows a secret passage through the Scarp to the safer lands of Wahattu. Wealthy refugees who follow it are robbed and killed, poor ones are tortured to death or sold into slavery.

Walwanu's secret is a small venomous imp who lives in a jug the size of Walwanu's unusually large head. It creeps out by night if the jug is filled with snake or spider venom, which it drinks, and then when it gets back from its evil mission, the jug had better be filled with good beer.

Perhaps Walwanu might be overthrown by adventurers who get interested when one of his cronies goes to the big city looking for monster killers who may be able to hunt down a large dose of venom. Or maybe it will be simply the trail of a missing persons case that does him in. But know this, as the sun of heaven sets and rises, so his dark days are numbered!


  1. Another good one. I feel like the existence of this imp could lead to future adventures, as well. Where did he get it?

  2. Maybe he found an imp egg. Which only postpones the question somewhat!