Sunday 11 June 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #162: Three Peasant Treasures

Twelve hexes north, one northeast of Alakran.

Although it may be implausible for murderhobos of the Urig lands to go around knocking over peasant houses for 400 gp treasures Village of Hommlet style,  occasionally the locals of central Shasari will have some wondrous or precious item as an heirloom. These can be given in exchange for slaying monsters or tyrants; lent in time of need; or serve as quest objects if stolen.

1. The Pot of Lean and Fat. A red earthenware cooking vessel with decorations around its rim, showing a band of thirty skeletally lean rabbits running counterclockwise, and another band of thirty plump rabbits running clockwise.

If any inedible material (earth, sand) with a grainy or liquid consistency is put in the pot and it is stirred counterclockwise thirty times, the material becomes nourishing to eat, but without any improvement to the taste.

If any naturally edible material with a grainy or liquid consistency (stew, gruel) is stirred clockwise, it becomes exquisitely delicious, the best meal of a lifetime.

2.  The Hateful Hen. This ugly bird was born to be hated. Everyone in the village hates her, yet its wise owner keeps her alive. You see, while everyone hates the bird, nobody has time to hate each other. Her eggs are likewise hateful and prone to be smashed as soon as they are laid.

People who run into danger might find this marvel useful; an intelligent foe will be distracted from any other animosity to chase, kill, or break the hen or her eggs.

3. The Unchaseable Sandals. Not only do the wearers of these simple-looking red leather sandals move half again as quickly, but the prints they leave in sand, dust, or earth explode for d8 force damage to anyone who steps on them, and that being must save vs. STR (DC 13) or be knocked prone. Consider that for every 10' following a line of prints there is a 50% chance of stepping in a footprint.

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