Tuesday 13 June 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #164: Utik Bloody-Tooth

 Ten hexes north, three northeast of Alakran.


A couple of years ago, a band of marauding ogres took the opportunity of chaos descending on the central valley of Dulsharna to pillage their way across it, and ended up in the hills to the east of Shasari. They found the whole plain easy to plunder, and the force detailed to stop them - the 2nd Company, based in Shasari - was wholly ineffective in pursuing or trapping them. The infantry could not outmarch the long-legged brutes, and its chariots were easily enough confounded by the terrain of the hills whereinto the ogres would retreat.

Halpashulupi's band sought to regain respect by going after these ogres. But in the months before they met the Band of Iron, their clash with the ogres was not conclusive. Hal found himself near-matched by the leader, Utik Bloody-Tooth. Two strong fighters went down, taking three ogres with them, so the rest could escape.

Utik now only commands five others. The skull-filled helms and cuirass of the defeated warriors, one from the Aish Mashuila temple guard and one from the Fifth Company, stand on crosstrees outside the ogres' lair. They keep one ogre always on watch, day or night, and their treasure is:

  • 500 gp in miscellaneous coins, kept in one of two disabled chariots left behind by the Second and salvaged by the ogres. 
  • Five carpets worth 50 gp each.
  • Purse with four bloodstones, each carved as an owl's face, worth 100 gp each.
  • An apprentice's scroll with four wizard cantrips which do not disappear when read out.
  • Utik's Wall of Clamor, a bronze shield +1 with a yelling demon face. If the shield is struck with hostile intent (that is, he takes a piercing, bludgeoning, slashing, or force attack that lacks 3 or fewer points to hit)  the face yells and all enemies within 100' must save (CON, DC 13) or have disadvantage on their next attack.

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