Tuesday 27 June 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #178: The Banelands of Dragotha

Fourteen hexes north, two northeast of Alakran.


Breathing poison while he lived and negative energy exhalations in his unlife, Dragotha left his favored preying grounds north of his lair a toxic zone. Their hazards persist even today. The place is not barren - fauna and flora can be found in relative abundance, but the animals are stunted with a strange sheen to their skin, the plants oddly twisted and crimped. 

Food or water taken from the area does 1d6 poison damage on a taste, or on a full meal or drink, 3d6 poison damage and save (CON, DC 13) or take 1 level of exhaustion. Two hours of travel in these gray hexes has the same effect as a taste, and eight hours, the same effect as a meal.

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