Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Combat House Rules now up

Look ye rightwards and behold the Rule of the Assayers, Chapter the First.

One thing I have no illusions about: I did this writeup because I wasn't 100% satisfied with any of the clone rule sets and I doubt anyone will be 100% satisfied with my approach. That's just the way of cranky old-schoolers with a quarter century of ideas and expectations under our belts. Least I can do, though, is put my cards on the table about my goals (see Foreword) without claiming to be the One True Way. I hope you can salvage a few ideas from this or at least be inspired to bash out your own. Comments and brickbats are always welcome!

These rules will largely be in effect for my GenCon private game and any other games I run in the near future.

Incidentally, if anyone can offer better hosting than Mediafire (upload doesn't work any more for me) or RapidShare (annoying), I'd be mucho obligado.

UPDATE: Now in Google Docs with some minor fixes.


  1. I like scribd.com for hosting.

  2. shouldn't great hammer be two-handed?

  3. scribd is log in happy and very annoying. I'd suggest Google Docs if Mediafire hasn't worked for you (it did for me) .

    I think 4shared offers decent free hosting as well.

  4. You could also try dropbox.com, which includes a publicly accessible section.

  5. These look pretty good. Thanks for putting them together in this format! I may be stealing some of these ideas, particularly regarding ranges. My brother already has a somewhat similar but more detailed set of weapon changes, but I do like a lot of what you've done.

  6. I've used wuala.com for the 1PDC 2010. But Google Docs seems to be working just fine. Excellent! :)