Sunday, 6 June 2010

Combat Rules

The house rules I've been developing for combat are about ready to post in their entirety. So expect that coming up this week. I was spurred to produce them because I was dissatisfied with combat procedures in the three major OSR systems - S&W, Labyrinth Lord and OSRIC. I won't be too negative about systems that were explicitly intended to clone ages-old rules sets, but important goals of mine are:
  • to avoid a great deal of fiddling each round with surprise, initiative and so on
  • to have realistic time and distance scales, keeping in mind that most combats in the system tend to be in enclosed spaces
  • to be able to go around the table, have each player decide what they are doing, and carry it out then and there
  • to use round numbers wherever possible, and not get hung up on things like a 60' vs. 70' range
  • to have different weapon choices reflected in relatively simple, flavorful traits that are roughly balanced
  • to have the ability to move and attack, avoiding gamer-mentality standoffs when closing to combat, without obsessing about segments and partial actions
  • to show players that setting up the situation tactically can be as important as any bonuses they might get from the optimum character build
  • to have rules available for the most common kind of things that players try in a game
  • to have the depth of the rules accommodate both casual and intense gamers
Yes, some of these reflect an ... evolution of my priorities since previous posts on the matter.


    1. Awaiting in eager anticipation. Even if some of your goals are wrong ;)

    2. En garde! They'll be out shortly. As long as I can figure out why Mediafire keeps giving me an I/O error...