Sunday 16 June 2013

...Considered as a Matrix of Semi-Precious Stones

Found this cool "table" on a Chinese gem seller's site while figuring out what kind of semi-precious stones (entry <5>, [1] on my treasure table)  to put in a treasure hoard. Numbers added, anachronisms (synthetic stones) removed and replaced with glowing stuff. Enjoy your petrified wood necklaces!

Click to read it.


  1. Anyone familiar the 1st edition gem tables will flip out over this. Excellent!

  2. Nice. I could add in the Chinese characters for the glow stones (for continuity's sake) if you'd like.

    1. That would be neat, and might then impel me to do the whole graphics for those stones...

  3. I need to get into the habit of looking at everything as a possible random table. You can be sure I'll use this one.

  4. Awesome table. It's nice not having to roll a d20 and then reroll any result over 14. I don't know why 'Gax didn't round out the original tables to 12 or 20.