Saturday, 1 April 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #90: Greatest Goat Of All Time

 One hex northwest, four north of Alakran.


Another dwelling of goats, very similar to the habitat described in hex #47 -- and rather than bore you with bleating, here is the tale of the greatest goat from the Game of Bronze campaign that took place in this world.

The Gnomes are a strange folk who wander far from their wet and chilly island, even unto Wahattu and Alakran. Their magic, even their approach to the spell-conventions of wizardry, is abnormal and absurd. Thus it was that the gnome wizard of our acquaintance conceived of a wish to ride about on a magical goat. By composing an homage and mockery of the paladin's prayer for a loyal mount infused with the myths and runes of his icy home, he summoned a Wise Goat of a size suitable to ride. 

Spinning Forth - Summer 2007This Goat is summoned through a variant of find steed which, apart from finding a celestial goat of 13 WIS, act differently when he goat is reduced to 0 hp. It appears to die, but can be resurrected as the same goat by casting the spell again on its body, or at least the hide and bones. In this way the goat willingly can provide a meal for its master and friend.

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