Sunday 1 October 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #259: The Village of Kin-Yan

 Five hexes northeast, seven north of Alakran.


With fertile grounds nearby and a source of water from the Nahlu river, Kin-Yan has grown almost to be a small town, population 750 or so. The growth has led to conflict between the old village residents, who wear traditional black-dyed clothing, and the more diverse newcomers. As well, the old village families stick to a traditional faith around a Shrine to a nameless god known only as the All-Creator, with three priests who are pledged to a vow of ignorance. But the newcomers have brought their own faiths, although as yet, no practitioners of those faiths.

The arrival of people of war, magic, or faith augment these tensions, as each side suspects the other of having made a deal with the newcomers. So, gifts of up to 250 gp incrementally can be gained from each side by adeptly playing the situation.  But exploiting the tension increases the chances that violence will break out. The first sign of this will be a fistfight between two villagers, which the others strive to break up. The next fight will be three on a side, and after that there is a brawl involving everyone in earshot. After that, the villagers turn to their farming and trade tools when they fight, and only bloodshed involving ten or more deaths will start the sobering process of peace.

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