Sunday 8 October 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #266: The Northern Meadows

Six hexes northwest, seven north of Alakran.


Herders from Kin-Yan eastward, and the river lands northward, take their flocks to these pastures, watering them from natural wells and thin rivulets flowing northwest. The meadows are called the Blood Fields by old people who remember tales of a mighty battle fought there. Indeed, rooting around the tufts of grass that are bone-pale in the dry season and a shy green in the rainy season, might (5%/ hour) reveal one of these finds (d6):

1. A skeleton hand gripping a sword hilt stuck in the earth. Just the hilt.

2. An arrow head with a magical one-time blessing to ignore armor, apparently never activated

3. A skull half-set in the ground where a family of jerboas has made their nest, and are hoarding two gold and eight copper coins. 

4. Flies buzzing around a haunted, indelible, ever-wet patch of blood in the ground.

5. A ring of green corrosion that marks the rim of a chariot wheel. Buried a finger's depth under the earth at the center of the ring is the bronze hub, also corroded but much of it intact.

6. A place where the wind, if it blows from the west, carries ghostly shouts of triumph, and if from the  east, carries the ghostly tumult of routed men.

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