Wednesday 4 October 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #262: Giant Centipedes

Two hexes northwest, nine north of Alakran.


We interrupt the back-and-forth sway of this hexcrawl to hit a hex which otherwise would be missed. Dead up against the Scarp, this rocky land hosts a colony of giant centipedes, who issue forth in groups of 1d6 by day and 3d6 by night.

These creatures are similar to the terrestrial Scolopendra gigantea. That creature's venom is dangerous mainly to children. But the centipedes of Mittellus, as in many other ludonarrative universes, are larger than the one-foot-long scolopendrae of earth. They can kill instantly, though at a reduced chance, and even in kinder world-systems their poison damage can still overwhelm most beginning heroes. There is actually good eating on them, as they have well-developed muscles with which they constrict as well as bite small prey.

These myriapods, and the dry land of this far end of the desert, are the main reason human settlement is decidedly clustered at a healthy distance from the Centipede Rocks.

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