Monday 2 October 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #260: Sinister Bare Ridges

 Four hexes northwest, eight north of Alakran.


These hills, not graced with a name, have an evil reputation in Kin-Yan. They are the barren end of an otherwise wooded series of ridges, but it is not the high points that are shunned, but the valleys. Supposedly those low places were carved by the great two-headed demon, ill luck to name, dragging its tentacular limbs in the manner of ploughs to sow all manner of vileness. Scoundrels fleeing pursuit from villagers, or from the nearby military garrisons, might do well to remember this. All the same, an arrow and a sling stone from the heights can catch a person unless they are very well hidden in the valley. And whether a curse does linger in the vale, none have dared for generations to find out.

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