Thursday 12 October 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #270: Proving Grounds of the Mad Wizard Lord

Eight hexes northwest, five north of Alakran.


Just a stretch of desert within sight of the crystal dragon effigy. Roll a 1 ("lair") on d20 when passing through it, and you stumble across an area half a mile square, where strange things lie on the ground. 

  • Many areas where the sand has turned to glass in great plates and streaks 
  • An area where noxious poisons have settled into the sand under a covering of dead insects and small rodents, dyeing it a chlorotic green
  • A pile of unusually dense stones of pure elemental earth, that tumbled out from a planar summoning
  • Likewise, a spray of red sands from the deserts of Hell, which shriek if stepped on
  • Prankish magic auras cast on various useless rocks and twigs
  • A magic mouth, mumbling and choking on sand, unable to fulfill its mission
  • A continual light (or flame), half buried under sand, visible only at night from 100 yards away as an eerie orange glow
This is place where Kul-Gattur, inhabitant of the dragon effigy, practiced at his spells, in a time when the earth and its floor still held interest to him as a dwelling place.

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