Friday 6 October 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #264: The Farms of Armakhu-Lallu

Four hexes northwest, nine north of Alakran.


Another irrigated farming district of the east, this one has a population of over 1,000 scattered about its extent. Each house icon represents a clanhold, a small cluster of large dwellings with about 100 dwellers. The farm-only hexes have scattered single-family houses and each of these square miles has about 10 of them.

The district is called Armakhu-Lallu, or "plentiful wood" owing to its closeness to the forested heights of Arraqa. Indeed, about a hundred citizens are employed as cutters, shapers, and transporters of wood, which they husband carefully -- a previous generation denuded the hills directly to the south, which still bear an evil superstition about them. The rest farm grains and garden produce with the carefully diverted waters of the stream Muttanbitu.

The households are harmonious, governed by consensus and council, in fact a bit boring. Adventurers will seek their rest here and quickly move on most of the time. It is said that the Armakhi are as bland as their characteristic dish, a barley-flour custard mixed with sheep's milk and the eggs of the hens that most hourseholds keep. This dish is known as khud-libbi, or simply translated, contentment.

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