Monday, 11 October 2010

Rot Grubs vs. Sons of Kyuss

Part 2 of an ongoing series ... Sometimes the Fiend Folio is better.

How would you rather be insta-killed?

By a white maggot that hops on you as you search a centuries-old mound of poop for treasure, burrows through you, and eats your heart?

Or by a bright green worm that hops on you from a worm farm that is in the skull of a shambling living corpse with which you are locked in deadly melee ... a corpse, spawned by a horrific demigod, that regenerates, causes fear, and as if all that plus the worms were not enough, infects you with leprosy at its very touch ... but back to the worm ... the worm that hops on you, burrows through you, and eats your brain, turning you instantly into another Son of Kyuss?

Oh, and here's the clincher: as you shamble around the dungeon, your skull squirming with worms, you feel like a million bucks, because the second most influential hard rock band of the 90's was named after you.


  1. Must admit that the Sons of Kyuss do have that Crowning Moment of Undead Awesome. Rot grubs just kill you; the Sons invite you to join the band. Quite a way to go - good enough for Bucknard's sister, good enough for me.

    I actually designed an assassination device using a worm of Kyuss which could be placed in a jewelled locket sealed with a substance that melted with exposure to body heat. You gave it to the daughter of the target, who put it on and then when the substance melted, the worm emerged, burrowed into the brain, turned her into a Son of Kyuss who promptly went on to infect the entire household.


    1. Can you post more about this? The stats or something? I'm planning on running a Zombie Apocalypse adventure at some point in time, and I'd love that to be a gift Servants of Kyuss hand out on the street for people.

  2. Sons of Kyuss are one of my favorite monsters.

  3. A friend of mine once said "when I was a kid I was afraid to touch the page the Sons of Kyuss were on."

  4. > A friend of mine once said "when I was a kid I was afraid to touch the page the Sons of Kyuss were on."

    High praise for Russ Nicholson's illustration work! (Or just over-exposure to Dark Dungeons tracts?)