Sunday 10 October 2010

Sorcery World: Tables

See previous post for explanation.

(The spell lists are going to be all the spells, magical and sacred, bashed together into a big random chart for each level. Something tells me this is probably best kept for the final product ... yes, the five-volume Compendium with a pamphlet for each World and two Spell Books of level 1-3 and 4-6+ ... Something also tells me that the Cleric spell table will look an awful lot like this one, once we get Clerics in Pantheon World. So, not too many tables, and some more Fiend vs. Monster matchups on deck to leaven the heavy mass of rules.)

Magic-User Spell Allowance Table

Note: Level 7 and 8 spells do not exist in the listing, but represent spells of lower level that have been improved by adding levels to them using a Gray magic technique.

Magic-User              Spell Level
Level                    1    2    3    4    5    6    (7)  (8)
1                          1    -     -     -     -    -
2                          2    -     -     -     -    -
3                          2    1    -     -     -    -
4                          2    2    -     -     -    -
5                          2    2    1    -     -     -
6                          3    2    2    -     -     -
7                          3    2    2    1    -     -
8                          3    3    2    2    -     -
9                          4    3    2    2    1    -
10                        4    4    3    2    2    -
11                        4    4    3    2    2    1   
12                        4    4    3    3    2    2
13                        4    4    3    3    3    2    1*
14                        4    4    4    3    3    2    2*
15                        4    4    4    3    3    2    2*    1*

Specialist Schools of Magic Table

Red (Energy): Cannot know Green, Purple, Gold, or Brown spells.
Bonus: Any ones rolled for damage with a Red spell are threes instead.

Blue (Matter): Cannot know Orange, Purple, Gold, or Brown spells.
Bonus: Blue spells have double range and duration for you.

Yellow (Change): Cannot know Black, White, Purple, or Silver spells.
Bonus: Your Yellow spells are saved against at -2, or have double duration if no save is needed.

Orange (Knowledge): Cannot know Blue, Yellow, Gold or Black spells.
Bonus: Your Orange spells have double range and duration.

Green (Emotion): Cannot know Blue, Red, Gold, or White spells.
Bonus: Your Green spells are saved against at -2.

Purple (Illusion): Cannot know Blue, Yellow, Gold, or White spells.
Bonus: Your Purple spells have double duration and are saved against at -2.

Silver (Gates): Cannot know Purple, Red, Blue or Brown spells.
Bonus: Creatures summoned with your Silver spells have 1 extra hit point per hit die; travel with your Silver spells can go twice as long or far.

Black (Death): Cannot know White, Brown, Gold or Blue spells.Must be Chaotic aligned.
Bonus: Your Black spells are saved against at -2.

White (Guardian): Cannot know Black, Brown, Yellow or Purple spells. Must be Lawful aligned.
Bonus: Protection and damage from your White spells is at +1 point per die.

Gold (Restoration): Cannot know Black, Red, Purple or Yellow spells. Must not be Chaotic aligned.
Bonus: Any ones you roll for healing with a Gold spell are threes instead.

Brown (Nature): Cannot know Black, White, Silver or Purple spells.
Bonus: All your spells are known in your head; you do not need to keep them on paper. You memorize them as normal. Your Brown spells have double duration.

There is no Gray specialty least outside of the great academies of magic.


  1. Brown specialization seems to have a very powerful ability in my opinion. Was this intentional, as it seems to reduce the need for player creativity in situations where casters might normally be denied their spell books in order to memorize useful spells while imprisoned in some way.

    I know the number boosts to all of the other spells are mathematically more powerful, but Brown seems to have a huge utility advantage over all other colors, and that would seem to at least bend the idea of player resourcefulness, if not break it.

  2. Thanks Howard. Looking back it does look odd and out of step with the others. I was stymied by the apparent great diversity of Brown spell effects, but perhaps "double duration and area of effect" would be an acceptable substitute that is much more in line with the other abilities.

  3. Yeah, I tend to try and min-max characters and it throws a red flag in my brain any time I see something and say to myself 'I would never choose a different specialization.'