Thursday 14 October 2010

The Village of Trossley

Good news. We've found a very local couple two minutes' walk away who are willing to play in a campaign using my "Old School Players" rules. He's a gaming veteran we've known for some time here, and she's never RP'd before but is Very Enthusiastic. My wife, of course, brings her old school savvy to the campaign as well.

In my one-off games I dispensed with the town, preferring to start off all equipped, henched up and at the dungeon entrance. For the campaign I sketched out a place that can serve as the base for a number of adventures.

Profiteer Street, a prestigious address behind the Keep

Trossley is a village on the edge of the Tulgey Wood and the Durrn Hills, somewhere in Church World. It was formerly an adventurers' stronghold. The locals still speak with reverence of the "Most Magnificent Adventuring Party of All Time" or words to that effect. These legendary figures built the Sealed House and the glorious Temple to St. Hermas, folk-saint patron of adventurers. Their largesse enriched the local economy as much as their departure impoverished it. One of their former henchmen is now the Mayor, thirty years later. Would-be parties still make pilgrimage to Trossley and swear binding oaths of solidarity on the altar in the Temple.

Old School Players once again proved its worth in the short session; the party was generated in an hour between bites of pizza (my wife's a bookish wizard, Mademoiselle's a clumsy and indignant dwarf maiden and Messieur's a zealous Militant of the Church) . This left the remaining hour to roleplay through interviews with the necessary hirelings and henchmen for this low-numbering but charismatic party, get set up in Trossley at the old Duck and Whistle, and ruminate about any number of interesting hints and rumors picked up along the way.

This is going to be fun!

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