Sunday 17 February 2013

One Page Bard

I know I've been harsh on them before, and their treatment in 90's D&D can stir suspicions of April Foolery.  But damned if last week one of my players didn't want to play a harmonica-toting bard. Thus, this class for the 52 Pages rules:

The original idea for the AD&D bard was a kind of multi-classed jack of all trades, and as you can see I've kept that approach. With "character hit points as morale" it makes sense to give the bard a wide-beam "healing" power that complements the prophet's. Magic spells, like the healing, are slow; the bard works best between or before combats. Add to this a halfway decent fighting statline, with chain armor and missile weapons, and you have a class in the same range as the elf but with a much different feel. I've also kept a little bit of the "bard as hireling" idea, in that the healing depends on the level of the target as well as the bard.


  1. Yay, the one page rules are back in force. This is easily some of my favorite work on any blog, you know.

  2. I like the idea that a bard can cast AOE heals that only hit allies. Holy light or whatever thematically hits everyone, but why would your inspirational song motivate the enemy?