Monday 6 March 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #65: The Shumaya Valley

Two hexes north, three northeast of Alakran.

The rich herds of goats have fled this grassy vale, the goatherds are long gone. The few left to crop the sparse hillside grass do not lie down quietly when their time to die comes. For with the dark pall over Gheenatru has come a creature that surely can be no coincidence, an ominous lantern goat. Up and down the valley, never straying from the Shumaya stream, it leads a herd of risen dead beasts who walk and bleat, more and more hoarsely, until the sinews fall from their bones. 

The milk of the undead nannies is corruption and pus, but it is highly valued by the necromancers for their alchemy. Thus they send their most expendable acolytes to gather it at the risk of attracting the wrath of their leader. One out of 6 encounters in this place are with a gang of d4 of these wretches..

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