Tuesday, 7 March 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #66: A Hidden Mine

One hex north, four northeast of Alakran.

In its days Dulsharna was famous, first for its orchards, and secondly for being particularly rich in copper and tin deposits that other parts of the former Urig empire had largely depleted. Hence the soldiers of the kingdom went about heavily armored in scale and collared plate of bronze, and there was no shortage of weapons. The soldiers of Gheenatru are remnants of this force.

Here in the hills southeast of that now-infamous town, there is a small copper ore pit hidden in a ring of hills, a state secret about half depleted. Tracks show where pack camels and mules took the precious ore to the east for smelting -- no telltale smokestacks here. The governors of Wahattu will reward the discoverers with 100 gp, or ten times that if the route there from the Notch Pass has been made free of all gnolls and other hostile creatures.

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