Saturday 11 March 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #70: Winter Weather Report: The Rainy Season

 Two hexes northeast, three southeast of Alakran.


In this last post on seasonal weather in the Wahattu-Dulsharna region, we cover the winter rainy season that replenishes wells, water tables, succulent plants, lakes and watercourses. 

This season brings a cool respite to the climate, though by no means cold. Temperatures in this season, the months of Tebetu, Shabatu, and Adar, average 20C/70F by day and 10C/50F by night. Although overnight frost is rare (requiring a 5-5-* to dip below freezing), hail will fall, day or night, from the colder upper air on a roll of 5-5-6. Otherwise, all 6's (for rain) and 4's (for cloud cover) rolled are used, except that rolls of 1 (sun) cancel out 6's first, then 4's. Multiple 6's can generate flash floods in rivers and wadis, as described here. Travel is difficult (half movement rate and 1 level of exhaustion per 4 hours travel) in the rare downpour occurring on a triple 6, but such weather rarely lasts more than those 4 hours.

After a rainstorm with a roll of 6-6-2 ends in the early morning or late afternoon, a rainbow will be visible in the west (morning) or east (afternoon). All faiths see it as a good omen, and Mitraists further interpret it as their deity offering the Yoke of Joyous Submission to the world -- a less alarming concept than we might read into it, for the Yoke refers to the will to cooperate with amity and faith.

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