Saturday 18 March 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #77: Piezo Phenomena

 Five hexes due south of Alakran.


Sand, sand, sand. To alleviate the boredom, we can apply technology to the magic of nature, taking advantage of piezoelectricity -- which is simply the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy by applying pressure to a crystal. Fantasy worlds are constituted differently, so that giants can stand and dragons can fly, and in Mittellus the particular confluence of energy and elements deep underneath a sand dune can create a so-called "crackling layer" -- which may have something to do with the strange voices and sounds that sometimes sigh from under the dunes.

Digging into the deep dune sand has a 5% chance of attracting a mild nonlethal shock (d4 shocking damage that cannot reduce hp below 1) for every 5' dug, and the sand lies 1d12' deep below greound level, with typical dunes being 1d12' high. Blue dragons in particular like to burrow in this layer, which adds +2 to recharging their breath weapon and heals them 2d4 hp a turn. Sandwalker druids, too, have a version of the call lightning spell which summons a bolt, not from the blue, but from the crackling layer underfoot.

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