Saturday 25 March 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #84: Tax Collectors on the Road

 Two hexes southwest, three northwest of Alakran.

The road from Alakran to Gesshed continues, bending north. This is another potential encounter, like the hyena tamers, who can be found anywhere along this road (or most other roads in eastern Wahattu).


A husband-and-wife team of tax collectors who report to the Civil Governor of Wahattu. He's Rimush (gold-fringed tan robe, big ears), she's Tashlultum (gray dress and shawl, elaborate hairdo, square jaw, strong believer in the will of Mitra). He is quiet and stammers if he talks, but is a fiend for figures and knows exactly when people owe and what they can be induced to part with. She is the front of the operation and does all the talking. With them are Ubul and Erutu, two well-armored veterans formerly of the Obliterating Fists legion, getting old but hard as nails.

If going east, they are sent to put the screws on Alarkan. If going west, they have come back from there having nearly cleared the town out of coin. And if they see unauthorized wealth, strange items, or weapons of war on anyone they meet, they will certainly issue a challenge and an assessment on the spot. remember - interfering with an official tax collectior of the Civil Governor is a crime punishable by death!

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