Sunday 12 March 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #71: Abandoned Houses of Dry Stone

 One hex northeast, four southeast of Alakran.

An orderly plantation of date and oil palms, watered by canals that drink from the rover Shi-Ar,  has been abandoned for years. The village is a cluster of abandoned buildings put together from dry, unmortared stone with palm-trunk rafters and roofs. These are: a fine, two-level house with a dozen or so rooms; three communal barracks for workers; ten other small dwellings for tradespeople, with signs of there having been carft shops; a meeting, storage, and trading hall, 30' x 60', with grotesque figures signifying good luck to the local traditions carved over each door; a tenple of Mitra hideously desecrated with markings pertaining to Gorgo and Mormo..

All these buildings are now stripped for firewood, made filthy with the refuse of gnollish habitation, and in places have had parts of their walls tumbled down. In the pit of a makeshift bonfire, though, is a lizard's head carved into the end of a great beam, the other end blackened and charred. This is the end of the beam with a charm laid on it, to be impervious to fire. If it is included in another construction anywhere the structure and inhabitants are likewise immune to destruction by fire.

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