Wednesday 15 March 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #74: Lurking Trogs

 Three hexes southeast, two south of Alakran.

As with many things south of Alakran, this troglodyte lair was never discovered by the Band of Bronze. Yet here it is, procedurally generated in my quest to cover all the hexes within a day's march of the home village.

(The procedure? Something I'm hoping to release, someday, low-key commercially. It's based on these tables from back in the blog-day.) 

"Troglodyte" simply means cave-dweller, so has been attached to cave men and cave women, more modern cave-houses, crevice-feeding birds, and for no real reason chimpanzees. The stinky lizard folks are a peculiar D&D monster, here dwelling in a bona fide cave in the base of the Scarp, with a crevice that leads down to the Underdark from whence they came. There are thirteen grown trogs, six young and a clutch of eggs marinating in a precious pool of water. 2d6 of them go out to hunt small animals and gather cactus by night. 

They worship a warm stone, the "Egg of Laogzed," that glows slightly in the dark. Its radiation has added off-colored warts, scales, and abcesses to their already frightful complexion. If hit by magical energies, the Egg explodes as a fireball doing damage equal to three times the damage it received. Apart from this Egg the trogs' only treasure is a pile of scrap iron, bronze, and lead brought up from the Underdark which they consider valuable.

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