Thursday 16 March 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #75: Eroded Hills, Flying Stones

 Two hexes southeast and three south of Alakran.


South of the borax salts of the tincal, a spur of the Scarp foothills reaches in from the northeast. Sands blowing from the south and west, whose dunes pile all around the hills, have worn themdown to flat-topped, smoothly curved low tables. On a smaller level, the hills are dotted with ventifacts -- stones, loose or embedded, worn flat on the south or west sides. If loose, they are sometimes turned in strong winds, to make a multi-faceted solid. Some pictures of these stones from Earth can be found here.

There is a secret war incantation of the Sandwalker druids, a spell of second level, that takes one of these naturally sharpened stones of appropriate size, and makes it either an axe head or sling bullet. There is no effect in melee, but if used as a missile, these prepared wind-stones have an infinite physical range, and hit foes as if they were one-tenth the distance away. However, if they miss, they keep on flying across the flat surface of the planet and are highly unlikely to be retrieved again.

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