Sunday 26 March 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #85: Ruyina and Berenjeli

 One hex southwest, four northwest of Alakran.


A cave mouth, round and black, is set among the western hillsides of this hex and can only be seen by travelers directly to its east. It is the lair -- not extensive, but cozy -- of a mated pair of speaking brass dragons. Her name is Ruyina and his is Berenjeli.

The two are playful and kind to well-intentioned folk, loving jokes and wordplay, but their kindness stops short of actual generosity. Even so, they are deadly serious about their job of defending eastern Wahattu from enemy dragons in the Draconomachia, and are faithful clients of Gushkin. With their eyes on the horizon, they are prone to dismiss smaller threats, such as the harpies next door.

For treasure, they have a great stash of copper coins and bars hidden under a sand pit in the back of their cave, which is worth over 20,000 gp in this metal-starved epoch. They also know of the copper deposit to the southwest, and often go there to lick at the ore, which is tasty to them. Another treat for Ruyina is zinc, and they will dip into their much smaller stash of gold (about 500 gp in a sack) to purchase objects of that metal. Ruyina's zinc cravings are due to a secret -- she is pregnant with a clutch of eggs, which she will lay in about a year, and needs to eat copper and zinc for the growing brood.

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