Monday, 10 September 2012

Menagerie Almost Done

Another update to the Menagerie zip file of 250 pixel public domain silhouettes (link on the right) and the last of the Savage outdoor encounter table.

Su-monster: What the hell, right? Has anyone ever used a su-monster, ever? Anyway, some kind of monkey man from Phylopic did nicely.

White ape: Lots of people want these Burroughs stalwarts in their game; my reference is Joe Bloch's version in Castle of the Mad Archmage.

Tar pit: Homage to the Aurora model kit.

Fossil: A favorite from the Hamsterish Hoard.

Wind walker: Hard to illustrate. I ended up drawing a human shape around some wind lines from an old engraving.

Island Fish, Island Turtle, Ape Men: Guess I'll have to stat those up at some point.

Grimlock: Gold star to anyone who can identify the source image.

Minotaur lizard: Monitor, minotaur, let's call the whole thing off.

Does that mean the outdoor encounter tables are finished? Hell no! There's still a tropical and an arctic table, and I've started work on those.


  1. Does your Mosasaur have a fluke?

    1. Nah, my dinos are mostly old-school ones, tail-draggers (except for the crested which was the only one I could find.) I guess the Jurassic Park generation has grown up seeing things differently, and wonder when the next major movie to advance the feathers theory will imprint on a newer generation ...

  2. if nothing else the su-monster appears in the old module "the ghost tower of inverness"

    1. And I have run that module, and use the su-monster. It was entertaining. Would use again. A++ monster.

  3. Replies
    1. Not quite ... it's an earlier image than the cartoon era ... much earlier.