Friday, 21 September 2012

What To Do With A Blank d20?

Yep, I bought one at GenCon.

I've got paints and a fine-point brush. What goes on it?


  1. 1. Treasure Generator
    2. Random Encounters
    3. Traps Encountered
    4. Make a binary d20 -- 10 0s and 10 1s.
    5. Nothing but 20s (critical hit every time!)

  2. 1) Enter 15-20 four times, and then use it for your "to hit" dice for your favorite PCs and/or monsters.
    2) Emoticons, and use it for reaction rolls.
    3) As much of a set of runes as you can cram on it. Hand it out as treasure, and see if anyone is bold enough to roll it.
    4) Write the dungeon stocking results from the 1st edition DMG right on the die to avoid the need for table lookups. E is empty, MT is monster and treasure, T is a trap, t is a trick, put a star for treasure, etc.

    You can thank me later. ;)

  3. I'm using my blank d12 for a dungeon generator. I have a blank d20 as well but couldn't decide what to do with it.

    Great suggestions so far!

  4. Use the Big Julie* approach: Tell your players that you've rolled it so many times you've worn the numbers off, but that's OK, because you remember where they were.

    * from Guys and Dolls

  5. Random PC kill reasons... Knife, acid, noose etc... ;)

    Other then that I like Peter Ds #3... Could be fun with a die loaded with explosive runes that only triggered when rolled :D

  6. Now I wish I'd gotten more than one ... I like the dungeon stocking suggestion best after much consideration, but it also occurs to me that the d20 table I use the most is actually the one that goes with my wilderness encounter system.

  7. Make one of these

    1. Yep, that is definitely the die to pull out on "mess with players day"!