Thursday, 20 September 2012

On the Resolution of Tropical Beasts

The big silhouette .zip file expands yet again with a bunch of beasts for the Warm/Natural table.

I have to give fair warning - all these silhouettes are done at a scale with 250 pixels as their maximum dimension, so they can fit into Hexographer. They are also all-black - no grays for smoothed pixel edges, because when made transparent those just halo the image. So, at larger resolutions they may look grainy.

To be fair, some of Telecanter's original silhouettes have the same problem, as you can see from Adventurer Conqueror King where they were used as spot illustrations. Now there's a daunting task - to go back through my collection, sometimes revisiting the source files, to try and reconstruct every silhouette at a higher res!

Any interest in a silhouette tutorial? I've developed my chops in the freeware paint program GIMP to the point where, once I grab an image with good edge definition, it's a pretty quick road to the finished silhouette.

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