Monday 1 May 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #120: Copper Skinks

One hex southwest, five northwest of Alakran.


In this region abound small lizards, skinks, of a bluish hue. People from the surrounding area know to stay out of these hills, the beginning of the Dhuga range, (proverb: From lizards blue, away run you). The fear of this area is due to dire dragons of old (proverb continues: lest lizards great, end your fate) who dwelt in the same cave where Ruyina and Berenjeli now dwell. The bygone dragons lend their fearsome reputation to the actually inoffensive Brass pair.

So it is that the deep sinkhole lined with copper deposits, tucked out of sight beneath a cluster of rocks in the middle of these hills, has gone unnoticed by humans even in these metal-starved times. These deposits are those which the skinks nibble to acquire their coloring, which the brass dragons lick to keep up the shine of their scales.

In the course of their exploration and conversation with the dragons the Band of Bronze found this deposit and sold its location to the Military Governor of Wahattu, who certainly had need of the strategic mineral. The copper residue from the tailings of the mine keeps the skinks blue and the dragons happy, for now.

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