Thursday 18 May 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #138: The Peak of Dassu

 Seven hexes north, two northeast of Alakran.

A stepped mountain of stark horizontal and vertical surfaces, like a ziggurat formed out of toy blocks by an easily distracted godlet, looms in the distance of the western Dulsharna plain. This is the great bulk of Dassu. At ten miles blue, at five purple, and closer up, it shows its natural streaked reddish-brown color, for it is a ferrous mountain (not that the bronze-using Dulsha care.)

Ascending Dassu to its flat top, fully half a mile wide, is possible if difficult, starting by a hard-to-find route in the northeast corner and ending at the bottom of the southernmost of the three high mountain hexes on the map. The way is beset by treacherous surfaces and lurking scorpions. But once there, all the lands sixty miles around are revealed, and even the lands to the west of the shadow of the Scarp, although only the rough outline of Sutekh's Knee is visible there. 

A thorough look-over of the mountain top will turn up a dust-filled circle of engraved sigils in arcane language, roughly meaning "As the beams of the Great Sun travel, so we two places are one." Anyone who stands in the cicle and has any kind of teleportation or instant displacement spell cast upon them, no matter how low level, will instantly and without error find themselves in the twin of the circle, atop Sutekh's Knee.

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