Saturday 27 May 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #147: The Lead Mines of Kuzza

 Eleven hexes north, one northwest of Alakran.


The eastern spur of Terkutta ends in a mess of ugly, twisted rocklands that, maze-like, hide the Lead Mines of Kuzza. 50 miners, who are not quite slaves but not exactly free to leave, work three holes under the supervision of the pyramid-shaped strongman Tarlu and his five bestial sons. Dozens of depleted shafts in the indicated 1-mile hex and adjacent ones lie vacant.

Tarlu has a secret brewing right under his nose. Last year as punishment he sent a crew of disobedient miners to work a depleted shaft. These were surprised to find a vein of rare gems -- chrysoprase and emerald. Seven miners are in on the secret, and have uncut gems worth a total of 12,000 gp on the market hidden in the punishment shaft. They will gladly share the wealth with anyone who courts the wrath of Prince Pintuntuna of Anani -- for the mines belong to him -- and helps them escape.


  1. Intriguing. I love the little mini quest in there. Do you happen to have a zoomed out map available for all of this, or are you publishing it later?

    1. Thanks! I am doing periodic area maps -- the last was posted on May 7.