Thursday 25 May 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #145: The District of Kukutasha

Ten hexes north, two northwest of Alakran.


The Scarp in this district curves, and curves back again, leaving a pocket of steeply sloping hills with a stony but arable floor. 

The main village is Kukutasha, population 300, set among millet and melon fields. Its clans and families are contantly at each other's throats, and things would be much worse were it not for the Sufferer, a person (usually male) who eats for free but is allowed to be the target of all verbal abuse on behalf of anyone else in the town, with no retribution or consequences.

Dukkami, population 200, clusters at a hillside well. It's a center of dwellings and services for the herders who tend a special breed of gentle, red-haired goats on the slopes nearby. There is a ledge on the Scarp nearby that can be reached by climbing. Its vista of the whole of Shasari province spread out to the hills of Hama is particularly formidable when the dawn arrives and a curtain of twiling is swept aside by the advancing rays of the sun. It might even be worth some experience points to see this dawn for yourself.

formidable morning

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