Thursday 11 May 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #130: The Perfumed Hill

Five hexes north, two northeast of Alakran. 

A low, flat-topped hill near the Shi-Ar here holds a resource used principally by the necromancers of Gheenatru, but historically also by other populations, up and down river.

A sweet and pungent perfume can be scented for at least 2 miles downwind of the hill. The spiral track to the top is easily climbed. At the top there is a pavement of surfaced that surrounding a deep well whence the cloying scent issues. The source of the perfume is a vine with small dark triangular leaves, rooted in the watery bottom of the well, dripping an unctuous and fragrant sap. 

If an encounter is rolled here, on a d4, a roll of 1-3 indicates that a party of d4+1 low-level necromancers (level 2 clerics and wizards, plus a couple of civilian servants) has come here to collect the sap. A 4 indicates some other user of the resource. If this hill is the source of an encounter, then encounters to the east and south will be with necromancers coming or going, while any other direction will meet with Hebat or some other people of Shasari.

The necromancers are not so far gone into evil as to post guards by this resource, as they do not see its other users as a threat. Custom overrides ideology, at least for the moment.

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