Monday 8 May 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #127: The Way to Shasari

Seven hexes north of Alakran.

North of Nathrak, sand hills rise and fall, and the Band of Bronze more than once camped there and observed the doings of the menacing denizens of those ruins from their southern fringe. It is in those hills, too, that they met the hero of the Shasari province to the north, Halpashulupi, and his own band of adventurers. Thus started the campaign to free Shasari from the noxious influence of the priestess Azeneth and to protect it, first from the marauders of Nathrak, and finally from the chaotic coalition assembled under the wings of the mighty blue dragon Razisiz.

Here is a good time to start a new approach to the hexcrawl. Keeping the system of naming hexes by direction and distance from Alakran, we will start to describe the hexes belonging to a definite area in order, instead of spiraling around as before. This reflects that some areas of the map beyond thirty miles were not well developed in the campaign, and will increase the narrative coherence of the hex posts.

These hexes will be described in bands, moving northward. Thus, next post veers southwest to run up against the Scarp, before moving east to describe two more hexes that abut already described ones. Then northward again, movng eatward from the Scarp each time. When the developed environs of the province are fully described, I'll post an encounter map of five mile hexes.

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