Sunday 14 May 2023

Hex Crawl 23 #133: Antelopes: Scimitar Oryx

 Eight hexes north of Alakran.


Here is another antelope population - most likely, wild oryx, the species tamed to draw the chariots of Gheenatru. A short description:

These low-standing but heavy chariot beasts are bred in the eastern lands of Dulsharna and Tjehenu, where their adaptation to the desert serves them best. Their coat is a ghostly white with russet stainings on the chest. Their horns are long, black, and backwards curved like their namesake sword, growing to become as long as the beast is tall. Two of them are capable of drawing a three-man chariot (driver, lance, and bow), and four or six will suffice to draw the famous war wagons of Dulsharna. They have a fearsome legend built up around their aggressive disposition.

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